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There is so much that you can do with a Cricut Machine.If you plan to spruce up your home with personalized décor and craft gifts for your special ones,learning to cut vinyl,weed,and apply it,will serve you well.

This blog post will tell you all that you need to know about the types of vinyl,the simple steps to cutting vinyl with a Circuit machine,and help you with troubleshooting if and when needed.

Moreover,I’will expain in detail the two main catagorioes of creafting vinyl and discuss which tyoes of vinyl is appropriate for different projects.If you re new to Cricut and don’t have a machine yet,read my artcles on What is a Cricut and How to use a Cricut.


Vinyl is a great material that consists of two different parts;the top layer is the actual vinyl with a sticky adhesive backing and the second layer is a paper backing .The tope layer is the material that you will be cutting and applying to creat your project.In simpler words,vinyl is like a sticker.

Vinyl can be applied to numerous different flat surfaces.It works best non-porous surfaces like glass.ceramic,and walls.


There are two main categories of vinyl suitable for your Cricut:iron-on vinyl and adhesive vinyl,Iron-on vinyl(also called heat transfer vinyl) is used on fabric while adhesive vinyl will stick to items such as glass and mugs.

This article will show you how to cut vinyl of the adhesive type.I have a separate article on making shirts with a Cricut using iron-on vinyl.

Adhesive vinyl can be further broken down into either permanent or removable.

1,Permanent adhesive vinyl

2,Removable adhesive vinyl

Vinyl comes in a variety of finishes ranging from matte to glittery to holographic vinyl.


Permanent vinyl is applied to flat surface such as personalized cups and mugs.It has a long-lasting adhesive bond which means it should be used for projects that you plan to keeping for a long time.

Cricut advertises that their brand if permanent vinyl is UV and water resistant with a backing adhesive that can last up to 3 years.How long it reallt lasts will depend on your usage a mug that goes in dishwasher will not last as long as one that is hand washed.

Uses for permanent vinyl include mugs,water bottles,car or window decals(where you don’t want to remove it later),and glass bottles.

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