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Privacy window film

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Thanks to the material’s versatility,privacy window film comes in many different finishes allowing the end user to creat the level of privacy required,in most cases without sacrificing natural light making it the perfect alternative to net curtain and blinds.

Privacy films for glass are like large stickers which act as a window privacy screen,and are just as easy to intall.Most of our privacy films are self adhesive,but we also have some static sling alternative for temporary purposes.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film is a very different way to enchance privacy,both during the day and also at night.Once applied,it gives your glass the appearance of etched glass,thus acting as a privacy screen and obscuring the vision both in and out.It is now widely used as a modern alternative to nets,as it requires little maintenance,and allows plenty of natural light in the room.

You can choose to target the more critical areas by applying window frosting film to the bottom of your sash windows,or part of the glass,allowing you to still see out at higher level for example.

Decorative Privacy Film for Glass

If you tend to draw the curtains at night,then a partial privacy film is ideal as it is designed to restrict the view in during the day.Patterned Window Film,which can be ordered with a clear pattern within a etched glass effect background,allows a less restricted view out,whilst making it more diffcult to see in,even at night.

Because of your requirement for privacy,it shouldn’t compromise the look and apprearance of your property.You can exoress your creativity with our wide range of stunning coloured vinyl window film,or incorporate a beautiful Art Nouveau,Art Deco or Victorian-style Stained Glass Film to your living room,side windows or fanlight windows.

Privacy Window Film for Bathroom

If you are looking for a privacy glass film for your bathroom window,cloakroom or shower window,our white Bathroom Window Film has added opacity making it ideal for areas where privacy is critical.It is designed to withstand condensation and because it is a self adhesive window film,once applied,will not peel off.If you are planning to frost a shower cubicle,we would recommend applying the bathroom window film on the outside of the glass where is less likely to come in contact with water.

Privacy film for glass is also easy to clean and maintain and will last for many years in the right conditions.Being a self adhesive material,it can be applied directly to your windows or doors as long as the existing glass is smooth and non textured.

What is the best window privacy screen?

Purfrost window film is the perfect solution for privacy,day and night,with little loss of natural light.The film is very easy to apply in a matter of minutes and is available to purchase by the metre or cut to size.

Does privacy window film work at night?

Thanks to its opacity,frost window film is ideal for privacy during the day,and at night.The material can also be printed with beautiful patterns or tained glass effect with period and contemporary designs.

Is privacy window film easy to install?

Privacy window film,including forsted glass film and mirror film are very easy to apply in a matter of minutes.Using soapy water and the free tool supplied with every order.Purfrost offer a cut to measure service to make the installation process even easier.

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