Color cutting vinyl film material pvc plotter cutting colorful vinyl for Plotter

Color cutting vinyl film material pvc plotter cutting colorful vinyl for Plotter

Color Cutting Vinyl is a kind of self-adhesive sticker, usually consists of PVC、PET film with different color, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and PE-coated kraft paper. It could been cut into any letter, logo or special shape by cutting plotter, widely used indoor/outdoor sign, surface decoration with colorful letters and graphics.
  • Product Name:Color cutting vinyl
  • Size:1.22*50m/Customzied
  • MOQ:1 Roll (In stock)
  • Face Film :80micron
  • Release Paper:120g
  • Material:PVC
  • Applications:Glass, bottle, desk, wall, flat wooden surface, ect.
  • Durability:Up to 2 years


Customized size Glossy and Matte Self Adhesive Color Vinyl Sticker Roll for advertising

Size: 1.22*50m(Hot sale size) /Customized 

Other size: 0.61*50m/1.06*35m/0.45*10m/0.6*7.5m/12”x12”

Color: Glossy & Matte per 30 colors 

PVC Film: 80mic

Liner paper: 120g

Application : The product is perfectly designed for Advertising and decoration use, as acrylic plate, glass, painted metal plate,

plastic plate, flat wooden surface, PVC film and adhesive surface, wood, outdoor advertising.


1. Both glossy and matte finishing available
2. Totally 60 colors per glossy and matte for selection
3. Available width 
4. Clear removable acrylic adhesive suitable for most substrates
5. Good size stability
6. Excellent weather-resistance for film and adhesive
7. Clear tile glue without glue remains problem
8. Easy to cut into any letter, logo and special shape graphic by cutting plotter
9. 1-2 years outdoor durability

Free sample and sample book :
A kind of decorative film, mainly used for cutting and advertising. Various color are provided.

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