Lettering Patterns Transfer Application Vinyl Paper Roll PVC Adhesive Vinyl Film

Lettering Patterns Transfer Application Vinyl Paper Roll PVC Adhesive Vinyl Film

  • Product name:Customized PVC Transfer Film
  • Material:PVC
  • Adhesive :Removable glue
  • Size:1.22/0.61*50m/Customized
  • MOQ :1 Roll (In Stock)
  • Usages:Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Relative Products:Color cutting vinyl
  • Grid Color:Blue/Gray/Red/Orange/Customized


Type: Transparent/Grid Transfer Film 

Size: 1.22*50m/0.61*50m/0.305*15.24m/Customized 

Color: Blue/Red/Gray/Orange/Customized Grid Color

About transfer film Features :


Transfer Tape for Vinyl does not leave a sticky residue on your vinyl and won’t rip or tear your project! This Vinyl transfer tape is perfect alignment paper so your projects go on straight.No mess and no fuss!


The grid lines makes transfer paper for vinyl easy to measure and cut your vinyl transfer tape without waste.What’s more,our transfer tape roll is also tear resistant.


Not too sticky that you can’t transfer your designs, but sticky enough to easily lift your project and transfer it to your surface. Effortless, our transfer tape for vinyl is trouble-free and user-friendly for all project, even more smaller works.



The advantages of choosing transfer film?

When you buy from us you will feel confident that you’ve made the best choice. 

1.Use your Adhesive Vinyl Sheets for signs,billboards, decals, stickers, banners, arts and crafts projects, window decals, and more. 

2.Any smooth, hard surface will be compatible, from metal to glass, and more.

3.The adhesive is ready to use from the moment your Adhesive Vinyl Sheet package is opened, and will stay resilient for years, with no need for maintenance or special care. 

4.Use freely with any kind of consumer or professional cutters.

Our purpose of making vinyl is:

A group of people who love DIY Decoration. We are keen to bring creative and innovative DIY Decoration into our lives. 

In the future, we will make more DIY handmade projects and commit to offering the best service and premium products to the word!


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