Newest product Temperature Activated Chameleon Color Change Vinyl

Newest product Temperature Activated Chameleon Color Change Vinyl

Temperature Color Change Vinyl : Contains two kinds of temperature-changing films, one is to change color when the temperature rises, and the other is to decrease the color change when the temperature is lowered, and it will return to the original color on the basis of constant temperature.
  • Product name:Temperature color change vinyl
  • Size:1.22*10/20/30/50m/Customized
  • Face Film:PVC
  • Release Paper:White paper
  • MOQ:16 Rolls
  • Packing:Standard seaworthy packing
  • Application:Advertising, Sign Making, Promotion, DIY


Decoration Color Change DIY Craft Temperature Change Self- Adhesive Vinyl

Discoloration condition :

1.Heat temperature change vinyl : Below 15 °C

2.Cold temperature change vinyl : Above 45 °C

Size: 1.22*10/20/30/50m/Customized 

Color: Dark red to fresh red, Brown to green, Dark orange to fresh orange, Pink to Purple

Usage: Advertising, Sign Making, Promotion.

Application: Glass, bottle, mirrors, windows, banners, signboard, vinyl package, Home decoration,

                    Lettering, scrapbook, handmade products, ect.

Product Feature:

1.This is a fun and innovative cold-sensitive film that turns purple when exposed to cold temperatures and surfaces. 

2.Ideal for stickers, decals, crafts, windows, glass, glassware, mugs, coffee cups, tumblers, water bottles to decorative. 

3.Glossy Finish, removable self-adhesive vinyl, and water-resistant.

 Let your imagination soar with this fun, innovative vinyl! We like to put decals on glass water bottles and tumblers where cool liquids will be poured into. 

4.Use with all craft cutters. 

5.Suitable for cutting machine. Such as cutting plotter and diecut. 


How to use:

1.Design the pattern on the computer 2.Cut with a plotter 3.Weed the excess part4.Transfer the pattern with the transfer tape and scraper5.Adhere the pattern to the surface and remove the transfer tape

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