Privacy Glitter Frosted Window Glass Film

Privacy Glitter Frosted Window Glass Film

1.52*50m oversized glass glitter frosted window film, with attractive flash points on the surface, which increases privacy while also improving the observability.

  • Item NO.:#005
  • Product Name:Glitter Frosted Window Glass Film
  • Size:1.52*50m1.22*50m
  • MOQ:1roll
  • Face Film :130mic
  • Material:PVC
  • Applications:Decoration; Privacy Protection


Frosted window glass film is  a type of window treatment applied to 

windows and glass surfaces,designed to reduce the amount of solar 

heat transmitted through the glass and increase.

Frosted Window Glass Film


The films help increase solar reflectivity, reject solar heat and reduce 

incoming ultraviolet light, resulting in a wide range of benefits:

1 Improved Comfort          

2 Improved Energy Savings
3 Increased Privacy            

4 Increased fade protection
5 Reduced glare                

6 SIncreased safety and security


Frosted window glass film can be used on all glass in the bedroom, 

kitchen, bathroom, office, hotel, etc. It is a very life-friendly product.

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