PVC material glitter Frosted Window Film glass decoration vinyl

PVC material glitter Frosted Window Film glass decoration vinyl


Frosted Window Glass Film is a soft frosted film that can be stick on the glass for privacy,decorating on the window or be cut into letter or signage for advertising.
  • Product Name:Glitter frosted window film
  • Size:1.22*50 meters
  • MOQ:1 roll
  • Face Film :110 mic
  • Release Paper:120 g
  • Material:pvc
  • Applications:window decoration
  • Durability:1-3 years


XY Graphic Factory frosted glass decoration film window vinyl

Shining in the sun, the surface of the snowflake shine, very beautiful.  

The application of glass window type is mainly for the application of window glass media such as office, shopping mall, 

chain store, supermarket window, automobile car shop, subway, high-speed rail escalator exit, etc.


Frosted Window Film


Our advantage:
1. Add luster to the architectural glass wall to make the appearance more beautiful
2. Reduce visual interference and beautify office partitions
3. Create privacy and give people a free and private space
4. Rich color, flexible style change, simple creativity
5. Matte texture, protect eyesight and improve the working environment of the building
6. Flash point effect, more delicate and beautiful
7. Provide special labeling services, custom customer icons / tags


glass vinyl film

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