Translucent Decorative Rainbow Chameleon Window Film

Translucent Decorative Rainbow Chameleon Window Film

2023 Newest product rainbow window film,includes Dichroic Blue and Dichroic Red two types.


Warranty:                     2-3 YEARS
After-sale Service:       Online Technical Support
Brand Name:              XY Graphic Tyoe

Function:                     Decorate, heat insulation
Feature:                      SELF-ADHESIVE
Type:                           Glass Films
Surface Treatment:     Opaque
Product name:            Translucent Decorative Rainbow Chameleon Film
PVC Film Thickness:  120 micron
Size:                           1.35*50m


Rainbow window film’s available in two different colors, Dichroic BlueandDichroic Red. These incredible self-adhesive transparent films shows one color while reflecting back a different colour. With this iridescent colour change effect (actually called dichroic effect) the fusion changes depending on the viewing angle. 

It show colorful decorative on Building glass, Office window, Showcase window, Home 


UV proof, Weather proof, Water proof, Anti scratch, Resistant to solvents, Easy cleaning, Easy maintenance, Decorating…

Window film series:1.frosted film(printing,clear,white,glitter) 2.printed film 3. 3D glitter frosted film 4.rainbow window film

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