Graphic 60 micron PVC Clear Transfer Film

Graphic 60 micron PVC Clear Transfer Film

Transfer film is widely used in advertising, decoration, etc., advertising sticky notes, stickers, computer lettering paper transfer film. The operation of the transfer film is very simple, it can be done by one person, and the material can be reused.
  • Item NO.:006
  • Payment:EXW
  • Product name:XY Graphic 60 micron PVC Transfer Film
  • Material:PVC
  • Adhesive :20 mic
  • Size:0.45*10m/ 0.6*50m/ 1.06*50m/ 1.22*50m
  • MOQ :2 Rolls


The transfer film is an intermediate carrier used to transfer the engraved engraved sticker material to the target object. Moreover, the material is transparent, the glue is moderate, the operation is convenient, and no glue marks are left. The product supports OEM service, specifications are optional, and free A4 size samples are also provided.

(Transparent Transfer Film)

Features of The Product:

1. PVC material, high transparent material, moderate thickness.

2. Suitable glue viscosity

3. Easy to construct during operation

4. Can be reused.

(Grid Transfer Film)



1. The transfer film product is suitable for walls, car bodies and other smooth and clean surfaces.

2. Please carefully peel off the transfer film with the pattern from the backing paper.

3. Paste it on the selected position and use a scratch card to smooth out the air bubbles.

4. Tear off the transfer film. If there is any movement, you can gently tear it off and re-adjust it before attaching it. 


1. Avoid high temperature when using.

2. Pay attention to the viscosity of the transfer film used, and choose according to actual needs.

3. Avoid direct sunlight when storing, and store at room temperature.

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