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Why is PVC digital printing popular in the subway advertising industry?

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PVC digital printing technology has created a new revolution in the inkjet industry. We can see the use of uv printing technology everywhere on the street. Especially in the indoors, the short-range high-definition UV image of 1m to 30m is required, and the light source inside the LED is bright and vivid, and the visual impact is strong. And everywhere in the big subway is the shocking picture of UV printing.

The subway as a modern and special traffic advertising carrier, combined with the characteristics of ordinary outdoor transportation media and indoor POP, light box media, its advantages are very obvious.

A variety of advertisements set up within the metro are collectively referred to as subway advertisements. Its form includes twelve light boxes, four channel posters, special light boxes, escalators, posters in the train, and LEDs in the tunnel section. It is characterized by a concentrated flow of people and a high degree of attention, which can increase the awareness of products. It can be displayed through a combination of online and offline media.

According to the survey, the performance of subway advertising has the following three characteristics:

1, have a stable audience. Demographic characteristics of subway passengers: younger, higher education, medium income, major occupations are company employees, students (mainly university students) and management personnel. The subway passenger group is relatively stable, that is to say, the subway advertisement has a relatively stable audience.

2. Corridor, platform and in-car advertising have different effects; advertisements with pictures and titles are very popular. Metro advertising attention is quite high, and even 71.2% of passengers can notice the replacement of subway advertisements. The uniqueness, novelty and distinctiveness of the picture seem to be more likely to attract passengers’ attention and interest in subway advertising.

3. Two characteristics of subway advertising products: related to fashion and related to daily life. Since the main audience of subway advertisements tends to be younger and more highly educated, they are very concerned about the goods (services) and entertainment information related to fashion. At the same time, we also pay attention to product information related to daily life. Public welfare advertising has attracted the attention of many subway passengers, and there is still room for exploitation and exploration of subway public service advertisements.

Advertising with UV prints in the subway has attracted the attention of the visitors. It is more irresistible than other media, and it will become an important media, and it is bound to flourish. The UV scene is prevalent, and the subway advertisement becomes one of the media that is more suitable for the big brand “Tucao”. From this point of view, 2017 is another UV year.

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